Renovation and restoration services

selling_your_homeA new house is what every one excitedly moves in, but with passage of time, things start getting outdated. Well this is the story of every house hold whose renovation is limited to all the rooms but bathroom. Though one wants to renovate one of there prized places (bathroom) as well, but getting the right skilled people is what every one craves for.

Plumbing services and gas fitting we have done through research and come up with the products which are

1. Power proficient
2. Eco friendly
3. Striking
4. Similarly lighter to budget.

From changing shower heads whose floated structural design saves thousands of gallons of water annually to changing fossits which being stylish are lighter to pockets too . Innovation is done to the existing toilets where dual options for solid and liquid flush is installed as the latter flushes less water thus saving water too.

It is the perennial problem borne out of every house. So what if your wife is over burdened with making cuisine that the left over is not cared enough and it chokes the drain. Or while taking shower (in most cases it’s a quick one) the soap water which accumulates over the drain becomes thick along with the fallen hair in the process thus choking the drain. It’s unintentionally done out of hurry. So what can be done if the problem arises out of no where? Try solving yourself or else

Our trained engineers will fix the problem permanently. As they not only rod the choked drain but go deep into the main type and clear it from the mess which have been accumulating and choking it finally. By doing this you will be rest assured of happy days ahead free of inconvenience especially at the morning rush hour for your family

Ever thought why your air conditioner fail to deliver like the way you were assured of.
While returning under scorching sun you were looking for comfort at home to gear up for next day but not any more. The fault lies not in your electrical appliance but in the roof top though. As a good reflector coat can do wonders to your life. It can reduce the heat of the roof top

by whopping 40 degrees while temperatures inside can be reduced by 20 degrees. If one is at peace it shows on the face and this is how a simple roof restoration can do. All you need is a good roof restoration coating. Call us and our highly experienced and trained engineers will be glad to make you smile.

Beautify your house with ceramic tiles

ceramic-tilesTiles have been used for flooring the house from time immemorial. The availability of the tiles in a wide variety of materials gives people a number of choices when it comes to decorating their houses. The use of tiles is not limited to beautification of the floors and walls but includes their protection too. One other advantage of tile flooring is that it provides better visual appeal than plain looking floor. Though, there are other types of flooring options present in the market like laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, use of carpets etc. but still people prefer using ceramic tiles for home decoration purposes because they are easy to maintain and are available in cost effective prices.

Decorative ceramic tiles are available in a number of sizes, colors & patterns. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a floor tile or a border set, they will fulfill all of your decorating needs. Ceramic tiles are available in the various types like quarry tile, mosaic tile and glazed tile.

Quarry tiles come in a variety of color shades and can be paired with different types of design schemes. They do not posses a glaze finish and have irregular shape. You can have them sealed and can use them in their natural form. But before deciding anything, remember one thing unsealed quarry tiles get stained easily. Quarry tiles are used in remaking of the interior floor as well as the settings of industrial companies. However, these types of floor tend to be porous because of which they easily get damaged due to excess water usage. To prevent this, some homeowners and contractors seal them while others apply a wax layer on the quarry tile.

Mosaic tiles are prepared using different clay materials and are known for their moisture and stain mosaic-tilesresistance. Because of these distinguishing qualities, these tiles can be used for almost any surface. Mosaic tiles are especially suitable for the heavy traffic areas because they do not chip easily.

Glazed tiles are made from the mixture of clays and are available in various finishes like matte, abrasive slip resistant and high gloss. Further, these are also provided in pre-stamped patterns or hand painted designs. These types of tiles are perfect for the walls. However, there is one problem with these tiles i.e. if they get chipped off, you can see the color inside.

You can get ceramic tiles from your nearby local hardware store. In case you don’t find what you are looking for in hardware shop, then use Internet to locate the requisite service provider. Acadian Flooring Centre Ltd. carries a wide variety of grades, colors and styles of best price flooring supplies which will fulfill all of your decorative needs.